Why, as the Gospel of Matthew declares, are the poor always with us? Hugo thought they should not be. For him, the persistence of poverty was a sign that the revolution was incomplete. Bellos quotes Hugos record of a scene he witnessed one day on his way to the Chambre des Pairs of a homeless man with bloody bandages round his ankles, staring at a beautiful woman emerging from a luxurious carriage: That man was no longer a man in my eyes but the spectre of la misere, of poverty, the misshapen and lugubrious apparition in broad daylight, in broad sunlight, of a revolution this is still deep in the shadows, but is on its way. In a brilliant chapter, The Money Plot, Bellos contextualises the financial transactions involved in Les Miserables. For Hugo, debt is the beginning of slavery. The character Fantine descends into debt when she is abandoned by the father of her child, sacked from her factory job, and resorts to selling her hair and teeth before becoming a prostitute. Her downward trajectory is mirrored by Valjeans rise. easy small business loans After leaving prison with nothing, he becomes a factory owner.


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